Podivin is a town with a long tradition. It lies on the lower flow of Dyje on mild hillock of Dolnomoravsky uval on elevation of 170 meters above sea level. The church of St. Petr and Pave ranks among architectural monuments. A chapel called Cyrilka entered history because of the brick “which had been impasted from earth of Moravia and water from the well of old Cyrilka”. This brick is a part of Narodni divadlo (National theatre) foundation-stone. Podivin, thanks to its advantageous position, challenge to various tourist activity. The town itself has a picturesque surrounding with bathing possibilities with precious fauna and flora, interesting history, folklore events and others interests.
Castle "Janův hrad"Castle "Janův hrad"
Castle "Janův hrad"
Castle "Janův hrad"Castle "Janův hrad"
Castle "Janův hrad"
School in PodivínSchool in Podivín
Church of St. Petr and PavelChurch of St. Petr and Pavel
Church of St. Petr and Pavel
The Jewish cemeteryThe Jewish cemetery
The Jewish cemetery
Municipal office in PodivínMunicipal office in Podivín
Municipal office in Podivín